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Dumpster Rental FAQs

When you hire a dumpster rental service, you will have several choices regarding the size of the dumpster you need. Dumpster sizes are often determined by the size and weight of the project, but you can request a customized size if needed. Mt. Pleasant Dumpster Rental has an extensive list of dumpster sizes and prices. Contact them today to learn more. Listed below are some common questions you’ll likely have when selecting a dumpster for your project.

Junk Removal ServicesPrice: Different companies offer different prices. Prices will vary depending on your location, job size, and budget. In most cases, fixed-rate rentals are the best choice if you know the exact weight of your trash. However, if you’re unsure how much weight or garbage you need, you can choose variable-rate rentals. These will vary according to your specific order and your local area’s regulations. Therefore, it’s important to know the weight limits and trash types before deciding.

Types of Dumpsters: Some people only need a dumpster for major construction projects. Home renovation, yard projects, and moving are other common reasons to rent a dumpster. If you have a few tons of trash to dispose of, you can choose a smaller dumpster rental. However, if you plan to throw away more than a few cubic yards of trash, you might want to consider renting a large-scale dumpster.

Service: While dumpster rentals are generally cheaper than those elsewhere in the country, the city may have stricter policies for these types of dumpsters. The Business Integrity Commission (BIC) licenses dumpster rental companies to ensure they comply with regulations. A licensed, reputable company will have the necessary permits to place your dumpster on city streets and street corners. Dumpster rentals must have a license, as it’s difficult to rent a dumpster without a permit.

Size: While dumpsters come in various sizes, each container has weight limits. You don’t want to fill a dumpster that is too small or too big, leading to additional charges. Be sure to inquire with the dumpster rental company about the weight limit before booking your dumpster. This will ensure that your dumpster is the right size for your project. If you’re unsure of the size of the dumpster you need, consult a Dumpster Rental Company to find out how much the unit will cost.

If you are renting a dumpster for more than one week, be sure to ask about fees. Some companies charge an additional fee for each day the dumpster is not returned. This can add up to more than two hundred dollars per week. To avoid these extra fees, plan your rental period accordingly. This way, you can avoid late fees. A dumpster rental service will help you get a great deal on your project. It’s important to remember that dumpster rental prices in your area can vary greatly, and you should never pay more than you have to.

Permits: Before putting a dumpster on the street, check whether you will need a permit. Most dumpsters don’t need permits unless you’re placing them on public property. But if you plan to place a dumpster on a public street, check with the city’s public works department. Most municipalities have rules and regulations regarding the placement of dumpsters on their property and will charge hefty fees if you don’t get the necessary permits in time. However, some municipalities require that you handle the permitting process yourself.

You can also schedule a delivery date and time. Most dumpster rental companies drop off their trash containers at a specific location. They have wooden planks underneath to make it easier for you to drop off the container. During the warmer months, dumpster rental companies are frequently busy, so you should make your reservation a few days in advance to guarantee you a dumpster on time. Be sure to allow enough space for the dumpster. You can also call the dumpster rental company to schedule a pick-up date.

Before you order a dumpster, prepare your junk. Break down boxes and other items before they pile up in the dumpster. This will free up more room in the dumpster and reduce the rental fee. Additionally, having the junk ready to load in the dumpster will make the process faster. If you have a dumpster delivery date in mind, you may qualify for a discounted rental rate. That way, you can get rid of as much of your junk as possible in a short amount of time.